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The family company Balkys Trade, s.r.o., founded by Mr. and Mrs. Baľák, deals with internet sales and operates several successful e-shops in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The company's key priorities are high-quality products, top-notch customer service, and, of course, customer satisfaction.


E-shops with interior accessories such as paintings, paintings with clocks, hand-made paintings, wallpapers, posters, paintings by numbers, stickers and clocks. Huge selection of interior decorations and accessories.

WHY choose US


No market rookies. The company has a successful 9 years of hard work and gained experience.

Wide range of goods

The assortment is very extensive and clients can choose from thousands of different products in different price ranges.


The products come only from renowned European manufacturers and are made exclusively from top-quality materials.

Excellent customer service

Clients are taken care of before, during and after the purchase. 100% satisfaction of each customer is important and great emphasis is placed on it.

Team of professionals

The company consists of professionals who always provide their 100% and create excellent conditions for a convenient purchase.

Safe buy

All online stores are maximally secured and provide security at the highest level.


Balkys Trade, s.r.o. was founded by the Baľák family while still studying at university. During these years, they focused not only on the university studies itself but also on the company's development and overall growth.

Mgr. Katarína Baľáková

Mgr. Katarína Baľáková


Katarína is in charge of the product portfolio of e-shops. Each product has passed her hands, and this process guarantees a stylish and varied product range.

Mgr. Roman Baľák

Mgr. Roman Baľák


Roman is in charge of the technical side and operation of e-shops. He makes sure that every customer has the chance to shop conveniently and, most importantly, safely.

How did it start

The first thoughts about entrepreneurship began to cross their minds while studying at university. During this period, a company's trade license was established and the first business experience was gained.

A limited liability company was established and the company began to develop rapidly. The core of the business has become the online sale of home accessories.

The magical limit of several thousand orders has been surpassed and e-shops have strengthened their already strong position in the domestic and foreign markets.

The company moved to a new, larger office and warehouse space. Online stores have transformed into a new, more modern platform, and new products have been added to the portfolio.


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